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Friday, August 28, 2009


Release Date: 12 Jun 2009 (Intl.)
12 Aug 2009 (Ind.)

Sutradara : Tony Scott

Naskah : Brian Helgeland

Pemain: Denzel Washington, John Travolta, John Turturro, Luis Guzman, Michael Rispoli, James Gandolfini

Studio: Sony Pictures

Category: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Duration: 121 min.

Synopsis (Eng)

A New York City subway dispatcher draws on his extensive knowledge of the subway system in order to outsmart a dangerous criminal mastermind who's hijacked a subway train in this remake of the 1974 thriller inspired by John Godey's best-selling book. Walter Garber (Denzel Washington) was drifting through his daily routine when he received word that a heavily armed gang of four has hijacked a subway train and are holding all of the passengers hostage. Led by cunning master thief Ryder (John Travolta), the gunmen will begin executing everyone aboard should the authorities fail in delivering a sizable ransom in the space of just one hour. With the tension in the tunnels rising, Walter races to save the hostages before the shootings start. But through it all, there's one part of Ryder's plan that Walter can't quite comprehend: even if the thieves do succeed in getting their money, how could they possibly get out of the tunnels undetected?

Sinopsis (Indo)

Walter Garber (Denzel Washington) adalah seorang petugas pengendali jalur kereta bawah tanah di New York yang tiba-tiba terseret dalam kasus pembajakan salah satu kereta bawah tanah. Ryder (John Travolta), otak di balik pembajakan tersebut, mengancam akan mengeksekusi seluruh penumpang kecuali sejumlah besar uang dibayarkan dalam satu jam. Ketika situasi makin memanas, Garber mengandalkan pengetahuannya yang luas dalam usahanya memperdaya Ryder dan menyelamatkan sandera. Namun ada satu hal yang tak bisa ia pecahkan: meskipun para pembajak mendapatkan uangnya, bagaimana ia dan para sandera bisa lolos dengan selamat?

Download : part 1 (650 MB)| part 2 (350MB)


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