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Monday, March 01, 2010

Windows XP 75MB - 32 Bit - Super Tiny - Version 2009

RAM: When installed, this version Windows XP uses 27.4MB RAM.

Disk Space: When installed, this version Windows XP has a total installed footprint 215MB of disk space.

Boot Time: The boot time this operating system has been dramatically reduced by replacing the default winlogon.exe shell with minlogon.exe, from Microsoft's Embedded XP SP2 operating system.


- Wireless Network Connectivity
- Ethernet Network Connectivity
- Bittorrent
- Microsoft Office XP, 2003, 2007
- SD Card Slot
- USB Ports
- Audio
- DirectX
- OpenGL
- Plug and Play
- Themes (signed & unsigned)
- Paint
- Notepad
- Calculator


- Printing--decreases RAM usage; eliminates the spooler service
- Multiple User Accounts--speeds up boot time, property of minlogon.exeWindows
- Networking--property of minlogon.exe
- 16 bit application support--decreases install size
- Windows Image Acquisition--decreases RAM usage. prevents direct connection of cameras to the pc via a usb or firewire cable. Note you can upload photos using a USB card reader or built is SD card slot.
- Windows Media Player 9--decreases install size. I recommend VLC player by VideoLAN.org
- Internet Explorer 6--Plagued by security and nuisance attacks. A Mozilla Firefox 2.0.11 setup file is provided on the ISO/CD
- VPN--decreases install size
- Windows Firewall--decreases install size, increases RAM. It is my belief that there are better third-party firewall software packages avaiable.


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