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Monday, August 15, 2011

Plants VS Zombies (FULL) 27MB PC Game [Mediafire]

* Introduce:
Plants vs. Zombies is a fun game suitable for all ages. Is a mini game but gamespot Plants vs Zombies are evaluated to 8.5 points and is on par with the quality of the game "in crisis"

Plants vs. Zombies is a mini game produced and developed by PopCap Games win for Microsoft operating system, Mac OS X and iPhone OS. The game has received a positive response from critics, was nominated for Interactive Achievement Awards, and received praise for its music section.
Plants vs Zombies game genre is a tower defense (setting plays defense), who has been playing Dota or call the office. The story begins with the flood Zombie invasion plot your house, and the only bastions of plants you are special. The mutant plants are capable of specialized treatment plant Zombie as the original, cherry bombs, toxic mushrooms ... In the game you must quickly you need to plant trees to create a coast line of the saw firmly against ma. Additionally, the game does not give you a minute to rest when the sunflower or mushrooms you generate money to harvest Numerous obstacles such as the sun sets, cold mist at the same pool as contributing creates challenges. In addition to the game screen diversity through each level, weapons - the plants - also increase with the different attributes fun. Zombie also similar when we also produce many sperm with superior capabilities, which require carefully calculated strategy before the battle. Overall, the game really is not difficult if you understand the uses of each plant and then arrange them Zombie squad most reasonable. But otherwise, the player can be ... loss of "brains" crowd a few times with this cunning enemies.
With 5 different game modes, you can unleash immersed in endless fun!

* Attractive features:
5 game modes: Adventure, Mini-Games, Puzzle, Survival, and relaxing Zen mode Garden
Conquered the entire game screen 50 in the Adventure - by day, night, fog, the rooftop pool and
Fight 26 types of zombies, including pole-vaulter, snorkeler and "Zomboni" driver
49 perennials looking strong and collect money to buy a pay raise buildings, strengthening the food and many other precious items!
Open the Almanac to see all species of plants and zombies, plus information and interesting quote
Island through Crazy Dave's shop to buy your plants with special tools in fighting against any attack by zombie
Graphic and wonderful background music, plus an interesting music video
Replay value is not limited to: game experience never repeated

* In Game Instrument Types:

Sunflower plants: A plant that creates the sun to score
United to pass a barrel on land: Types of terrestrial plants will shoot into zombies when they
United to pass a barrel of water: The plant will be shooting underwater zombies when they entered
United bean ice: The plant shoot zombies by making them slower
Cherry: The type of explosive mines within 9 cells
Small potato: potato type help lines sure demons
Big potato: Potato Type help demons but definitely more convenient way
Mine fixed type potatoes were cooked and exploded when being stepped on zombies
Cactus: specialized to destroy evil balloons

And many other plants, a total of 49 types

* The In Game Zombie Types:

Shovel: dedicated to type the wrong place the tree crops
Zombies often: the type of demon without a weapon, will be shot down easily
Zombies Soviet forces: the devil is tricky, because the protection wears a bucket
Devils flag: flag type zombies, demons often similar
Devils read: more difficult to beat because evil Soviet forces protecting newspaper, will speed up if the paper is torn
Athletes jump sao: sao-held type of demon, can overcome small potatoes
Baseball athletes: Fund danger, would burn away small potatoes with a single type
Athletes swim: type of demon appearing in section 3 and 4, similar to demons often
Devils month: Fund to always carry a ladder to climb over large potatoes
Devils balloons: a kind of demonic force behind the balloons, be used to destroy cactus

And various other demons, a total of 26 types.

* Configuration:
OS: Mac OS X 10.4.11 and later Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Memory: 512 MB RAM 512 + MB RAM Processor:
1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo 1.2 + GHz MHz or faster DirectX: 8.0

Download :
Size : ( ~ 27MB )
Pass mediafire: hygames

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